Here comes Signature Scents to help you find your signature. Be yourself and throw kindness. So that people will always remember you as you with your own signature.

A Pack of 3 which contains:

  • Vanilla & Beyond

The best vanilla nutty scent that will give you the best experience of sniffing the perfect calming fragrance. The unique and warm smell from the notes will remind you about the warm happiness of the  holiday season with your loved ones


Impression         :  Vanilla, Chestnut, Floral

Longevity             : Up to 15 hours*

Top Notes           : Nutty, Floral

Middle Notes     : Lactonic, Chestnut

Base Notes          : Vanilla, Peru Balsam, Musk


  • Essensa

With a beautiful blend of floral, green and lemon, Essensa is the projection of your dream flower garden. Wrapped with orange flowers, jasmine and water flowers, it gives an elegant impression and is liked by everyone you meet. 


Impression         : Floral, Musky

Longevity             : Up to 8 hours*

Top Notes           : Floral, Green, Lemon

Middle Notes     : Orange Flower, Jasmine, Water Flowers

Base Notes          : Musky, Woody, Orris


  • Natura

The unique blend of notes gives an elegant woody and floral projection of violets, lotus and verbena elegantly.
Perfectly finished by sandalwood, amber and musk, this perfume is perfect for you lovers of floral perfume with a fresh scent.


Impression         : Verbena, Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood

Longevity             : Up to 15 hours*

Top Notes           : Violet, Lotus, Verbena

Middle Notes     : Lily of the Valley, Tea Rose

Base Notes          : Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

*longevity might vary based on activities and personal body chemistry

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