Hello Carl & Claire Squad!

Here’s how we begin…

Carl & Claire Perfumery was founded when we discovered that fragrance has superpowers. We strongly believe that we all have experienced magical moments in life we thought we never would.

Do you realize that we remember things best with sense of smell? Just like you remember your mom's favorite cooking, or, the smell of your first date. You may recognized or be recognized by the way you smell.

Fragrance plays a strong part to enhance your mood and emotions. Ever feel better after smelling something pleasant? That is one of the moments the magic of scent is rolling in action.

It's a common secret that spraying your ultimate scent before important occasions really give you strong push.

Great fragrance can absolutely give you excellent impression towards people around you.

It can reflect your personality without having to tell your surroundings. Without any doubt, Carl & Claire really eager to share to the world about these superpowers of fragrance that can come in a bottle. We are so excited to make people feel more confident and beautiful with amazing sensorial experience with Carl & Claire.

Let’s enter the miraculous fragrance journey with Carl & Claire Perfumery!

The People Behind Carl & Claire

Nouva, CEO of Carl & Claire Perfumery

She has started her retail journey since many years ago, and has experienced ups and downs of retail life. She finds her motivation starting Carl & Claire Perfumery to empower more people to feel more confident, so that, we all could strive together.

“Being able to learn a lot in various retail brands has taught me to always serve our customers with honesty. It has been my dream to start a sincere brand that empowers a lot of people. For me, Carl & Claire is more than just business. It’s about channeling the artwork of great people to aspire people for positivity.”

Isa, Senior International Perfumer

Her past 20 years of experience as a perfumer has put her fragrance woven into her mind and soul. She seeks inspiration from her daily activities and usual things around her.

“My usual inspiration is perhaps nature, travelling, food, specially food I’d say. People are also a source of inspiration. Getting to know different tastes, cultures.It is interesting to know these things to be inspired.”