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Carl & Claire

Carl & Claire Garden of Eden (ex.Lavish) EDP 30ml

Carl & Claire Garden of Eden (ex.Lavish) EDP 30ml

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"š™„š™£ š™©š™š™š š™‚š™–š™§š™™š™šš™£ š™¤š™› š™€š™™š™šš™£, š™„ š™›š™šš™šš™” š™™š™žš™«š™žš™£š™š"

Step into the Garden of Eden, where boundaries are blurred and possibilities are limitless. Saffron and jasmine intertwine in a magical encounter, creating a wondrous scent that captivates the senses. As these two notes combine, an opulent heart of amber and wood arises, anchored by the earthy essence of cedarwood. The warm and seductive aura of this perfume beckons and entices whoever dare to enter, infusing every step with an irresistible essence. Let this fragrance transport you to a realm of unbridled possibility, where all is permissible and nothing is forbidden.

Suitable For:
Acara spesial untuk yang berani tampil beda dan percaya diri


Ukuran 30 ML
Type Luxury
Sillage Heavy
Projection 5/5
Longevity Up to 10-15 Hours**
Top Notes Saffron | Jasmine
Middle Notes Amber | Wood
Base Notes Cedarwood


BPOM NA18230603562

**Ketahanan parfum merupakan faktor yang relatif dan dapat dipengaruhi oleh banyak faktor, hasil berdasarkan riset.

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